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We design the TV stands to blend perfectly with your TV and become a unique piece of art for your interior furniture.

Floor TV Stand Eiffel Series 43-75 Inch
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Fitueyes is a brand that attaches great importance to originality and innovation. Different from many other brands, every Fitueyes product is independently designed and developed by excellent design team.

I like it a lot, it fits very well in my space/ Very attractive style too


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Built-in universal wheels for effortlessly moving from dining room to bedroom. A perfect choice for living room, office and conference rooms.

Eiffel Series TV Stand comes with duty heavy casters and makes it easy to move. The stand is going to be a great addition to the space for us to enjoy each other’s company.

Eiffel Series TV stand is perfect for small and large rooms and keeps a small footprint.

With adjustable height and spacious desktop. I have to admit this desk is gonna to make my life more easier. Also, this is gonna to be perfect for people working from home.