Picasso Series


Eiffel Series


Zen Series



Master Series

Built-in universal wheels for effortlessly moving from dining room to bedroom. A perfect choice for living room, office and conference rooms.

TJz Adventures

The Floor TV Stand creates a modern look for your audio video equipment. No need for the bulky furniture to support the TV, cable or satellite boxes.

Juniors Tech

Eiffel Series TV stand is perfect for small and large rooms and keeps a small footprint.


Picasso is a great solution for small spaces, where you really don't want an extra piece of furniture to visually clutter things up. The tripod is sturdy, attractive, and easy to put together.

Jones Helen


Hi, we're FITUEYES

Welcome to FITUEYES, the leading provider of floor TV stands that seamlessly blend freedom in audiovisual experience with artistic design for homes worldwide. As a brand inspired by the vision of creating a harmonious living space, FITUEYES aims to enhance your home decor with its exquisite range of products.

🎨Original Design 📺Fits most TVs

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FITUEYES and What Hi-Fi? Creative Art TV Stand Featured in Magazine

FITUEYES and What Hi-Fi? Creative Art TV Stand Featured in Magazine

FITUEYES, specialist in high quality audiovisual media, partners with What Hi-Fi to improve your audiovisual experience. Our Eiffel Hi-Fi series, with premium materials and innovative design, embod...