Come to Learn the Life Cycle of a Fitueyes TV stand!

Come to Learn the Life Cycle of a Fitueyes TV stand!

Have you ever heard of Jaeger-Lecoultre’s 1000 hours test? As one of the top watch brands, Jaeger-LeCoultre has always been known for its nice design and excellent quality. Jaeger-Lecoultre created a strict test standard: “1000-hour test”, which is used to test and record data and details of watches just have been produced. This test standard let Jaeger-LeCoultre gain good reputation and makes it outstanding from its competitors. Indeed, nowadays more and more consumers care about how much time a company invests in product itself, which has gradually become a standard of product quality.

As global professional TV Stand brand, Fitueyes is committed to ensure product quality and improve customer experience. When we decided to develop Fitueyes Floor TV Stand Effeil Series, the first step was usually done by the marketing department, they did basic market research, to figure out customer demands. Then, Fitueyes designers and engineers had meetings together for industrial design and structural design. These discussions takes long time, where engineers shared their inspirations and ingenious ideas, disputes happened sometimes as well. This process took 54 working days. After the design draft was finalized, they spent 45 working days on making a sample and did test by many different aspects, including load capacity, function test, assembly test as well, which provided useful guide to products improvements. The whole R&D process usually takes more than 800 hours.

Manufacturing was another important procedure, The process included moulding and trial production. Fitueyes staff was good at seeking best factories, which provided sophisticated production equipment, excellent production technology and safe production environment. Before mass production, mold samples would also undergo rigorous load capacity test , function test and assembly test. If there were any problems, mold samples would be modified in time. This process is also very time consuming, which takes more than 1200 hours. But, we reckon it is worthy, since it is good to product quality ensuring.

When everything’s ready, we published Fitueyes Floor TV Stand Eiffel Series on the website. But we simplified the purchase process for customer convenience. Customers can complete the purchase process just after several simple clicks. Shipping&delivery usually takes only 3 working days. Despite the tight time and heavy tasks, Fitueyes still try best to ensure the transport safety and deliver the products to the customer intact.

All in all, behind each product, is the hard work of the Fitueyes staff. Fitueyes hope that our products will company you as long as they can. 

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