How do I know if my TV will work with the stand I want?

How do I know if my TV will work with the stand I want?
- VESA Standard

Our list of applicable TV sizes is perfect for the vast majority of TVs, but if you're worried about surprises or your TV size isn't listed, the most important thing to judge if a stand fits your TV is VESA.


What does the VESA Standard mean?

The VESA standard, also known as the VESA dimension, defines standards for mounting interfaces on monitors and TVs.

The VESA mount standard defines dimensions of the four-hole attachment interface on the back of displays and the screws used to fit those holes. It also dictates the placement of the hole pattern on the display.

Which VESA standard do I have ?

The easiest way to find out the VESA of your TV is to measure it. You can easily locate the four holes on the back of your TV. First measure the distance between the holes horizontally, then the distance vertically. Measurements are marked in millimeters. Now you know the VESA of your TV.

Or, you can see the VESA information in the data sheet of the device or on the manufacturer's page in the technical data.

Is My Monitor VESA Compatible ?

We have set up a "TV VESA Chart" section on each product page for your reference, and again, the unit of measurement is millimeters.

  • If the size of the TV is large, even if VESA is suitable, it is better to look at the Weight Capacity of the Stand, stability is the first priority.

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