Design Team

Design Team

Who’s Behind Fitueyes?

     A glance at Fitueyes designer team.


Giulio studied industrial design in Tokyo for a long time, he believes designing is sacred, which can create people a better living. He joined Fitueyes as a senior TV stand designer in 2019 and served as the main designer of Fitueyes Eiffel Series. Outside of work, Giulio is a stylished young man, who loves to collect strange clothes&shoes. He is addicted to Marvel movies and always fantasizes about being a superhero. He adopted an elegant British shorthair, and yes, watching movies on a comfortable sofa while petting cat is his new pleasure.

Max has been in this industry for nearly 10 years. After getting an industrial design degree from university, Max devoted himself to the design industry, working as home appliance designer and ergonomic designer in different cities. When he is not producing those genius design ideas, he is busy with watching fantasy movies and petting his dog. He’s a meatholic, no matter what kind of meat it is, just indispensable from each meal. No desserts, no vegetables, meat only. In Fitueyes, people like to work and talk with him, because of his easygoing and warm-hearted characteristic. 

When Bingo was a little boy, he had a dream of being a creator. Now he realized his dream in Fitueyes by being a TV stand designer and took Fitueyes Master Series as proud masterpiece. If Bingo hadn’t become a designer, he would have opened a handmade shop, since he spends lots of spare time on doing crafts, like grinding a copper nut into a ring. Bingo loves sweet food, color red and fiction of magic realism. He raises a few turtles and loves observing them crawling slowly and bathing in the sun.

Betsy joined Fitueyes from 2020 as an ergonomic product designer. She is a sweet girl with big eyes and brown curly hair. Yes, black, is her favourite color. Betsy love unconstrained imagination and creating in the beautiful nature. Therefore, she visited many places to collect design inspirations. When she is not addicted to work, Betsy is a cooking master, everybody likes her dishes, except her two cats JoJo and Tiger, they only love canned food. Besides, Besty is a travel expert, good at telling where to eat and play, but neither of JoJo and Tiger, they prefer to stay at home.


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