Fitueyes Brand Statement

Fitueyes Brand Statement

Fitueyes Brand Statement

Since the birth of the Fitueyes brand, generations of Fitueyes designers are committed to convey Brand Mission:Integrate artistic-designed TV stands into interior design and break trough the space limits by achieving TV Stand movement freedom.

Fitueyes customers are a group of people who never stop the step of pursuing exquisite sense of modern life and a free lifestyle. They show preference on TV stands with strong household integrity design and pay attention to products’ flexible mobile function. In order to meet customers’ needs, Fitueyes always gives priority to these two mentioned features, when we do research&develop for new products.

Fitueyes Eiffel Tower Series and Master Series are two typical representatives, these TV stands not only practical, but also decorative. Eiffel Tower Series is inspired by the pronoun of elegance and mystery: Paris. Its nice appearance is a perfect combination of the easel and the Eiffel Tower , which reminds people of beautiful scenery along the Seine River. Because of its artistic design, it can be integrated into modern design perfectly. Customers who like modern decorations or people who are seeking a TV stand which can match their modern style home decor, would show preference on this product. Another representative product is Fitueyes Master Series. This TV stand is inspired by Groenlandia in San Paulo and known for its beautiful marble textures, which demonstrates exquisite taste of life. The unique artistic design of this product allows it to match different styles of interior design, such as Industrial style, modern style, even Wabi-sabi style. Therefore, Fitueyes Master Series attract lots of customers who owns restaurant, originality-designing studios and exhibition halls. 

In addition to provide well-designed products, Fitueyes is also destined to break through space limits and redefine space. What we do is to equip most our TV stands with heavy casters and brake system. Fitueyes TV Cart is one of the most outstanding representatives among them. With its help, Fitueyes customers achieved smooth switching between different occasions. For instance, this product helps to build a home office. By using Fitueyes TV Cart, people can change their living rooms into meeting rooms immediately and have remote meetings with their colleagues. They can also move this equipment into bedroom and play video games while lying on the bed. Moreover, if people want to have parties in the courtyard, Fitueyes TV Cart can be moved outdoor and support their audio-video equipment. 

All in all, Fitueyes has always made tremendous efforts to put brand mission into practice. Hope more people will know our Brand Vision: Create better space and realize a free lifestyle through artistic design. We hope that we can do great contribution to both customers and society.


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