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  • This is a very sturdy standing desk, there's no shaking when you type when it's raised all the way up. I had it out of the box, and put together, ready to use in less than 10 minutes.@TeriMHarris
  • Working from home is so much easier now! (I have two screens on mine) is a breeze by pressing a lever, now I can switch from working standing up and sitting down. I conducted my work ergonomic accessment and it was easy to ensure all the right positions were ok. The surface is hard and easy to keep clean!@Alex
  • If you have never had a desk riser you will love this one. I have been sitting at a desk for last 7 years for work. I have tried the extra seat cushion for the chair and upgraded to an expensive chair for more comfort but nothing beats being able to easily stand and sit through out the day. After eating lunch it feels good to be able to stand. When I need to focus and get a lot of work done I find myself standing up more. I love this product, my legs don't get stiff or any pains from sitting too long.@Giovanni

  • This desk fits perfectly at the corner of the room, and makes the room look much tidier and cleaner. Desk itself looks posh and chic. Functionality wise I can only admire the brains behind this desk, it rises very smoothly, and can be adjusted at any level I want. Plenty of space for a laptop, monitor, and a printer.@Mahdi
  • The power-strip holder underneath is very helpful and makes for less clutter. Plenty of space for a phone, monitor, laptop, mail tray, keyboard, mouse, and of course a coffee mug. Sturdy enough for me to lean on it while on video calls.@Lipsett
  • So it was relatively simple to put together. It went super quickly with a drill. The lift is smooth. It is pretty stable for it's size and weight in the highest position. It is large enough for my two work monitors and the stand works great for the laptop too. This is by far my favorite work from home purchase I've made.@ Nanette

  • This desk is beautiful. I’ve been working three years from home and I wish I had gotten it sooner. Set up was a lot of steps but easily explained. The dark wood is gorgeous and there’s tons of space. Five star Worth the extra money if you are working from home full time.@Hannah
  • I like the two tier platform, It’s pretty well designed & built, nothing fancy. Assembled, it holds my 2 monitors on top surface perfectly. The lower surface holds the keyboard, mouse and my ipad very well. The motor/controls - very strong, very quiet, easy to use, 4 memory positions are awesome. @James
  • A very useful compact desk. Due to joint issues I need a desk that can be adjusted and this works well especially for the price. The desk and be either split at different heights.Fits nicely into a small area but I can still fit a monitor, laptop on a stand, full sized keyboard and a mouse on it @Blake

  • Very sturdy, beautiful desk. I use it over my under-desk treadmill. It was not too difficult to put together. I’m a lady and I’m not that strong, but I managed just fine on my own. :) The written directions were pretty straightforward.@Beth
  • With the whole "work from home" situation, people started looking for options to make working from home more conducive and productive, and here is where this standing desk shines the most. But have you ever thought about using standing desks for gaming? Probably not! I got this for my son who tends to stay longer hours in front of the PC from school work.He can now comfortably shift from sitting to standing, and this improved his posture a lot. This immediately solved the back pains he has been having from sitting constantly in front of the computer. It's super easy to assemble. Everything was packed nicely and secured.This is also the best deal I've found anywhere.@SarahG

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