Master Series

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Master Series Design Inspiration

Discover the enchanting allure of stargazing and the mesmerizing beauty of a full moon. Immerse yourself in the captivating secrets of São Paulo's magnificent marble architecture. Delight in the harmonious blend of unique stone textures seamlessly intertwined with a sleek round base. Experience a poetic ambiance that evokes a sense of spatial serenity.

360° Aesthetics

Dustproof technical flanneletteMagnetic fit, no dust

3 Colors

Black/White/Silver options Elegant texture

Modern light luxury style design

FITUEYES provides well-designed TV stands to meet your needs for TV mobile functionality. We believe that the combination of TV and floor TV stands will set off an audio-visual revolution.


Cable management & TV BOX storage

  • Multi-angle viewing angle adjustment
  • 360-degree visual aesthetics
  • Hidden wiring scheme

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