A thoughtful and sensitive person, who likes to think and reflect alone.

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You may be an artist who often expresses your own feelings primarily through writing or creating. With highly creative and imaginative mind, you enjoy meditation and conjuring up ideas alone, and always immersing in your inner world. Also, you may be thoughtful and sensitive, tending to find meaningful elements in your art, seeking its depth and complexity. But sometimes, you may become emotional, and easily influenced by your surroundings.


Love Advice

When looking for a soulmate, you may be inclined to choose someone who understands your inner world and supports your creative expression or someone who can share common interests and values with, in so much you can cultivate more empathy and sense of connection in the relationship.


Job Advice

For above characteristics, an independent, innovative career may be more suitable for you. What’s more, collaborating with other talented people or working on creative projects are also good choices, by doing so you can better boost your talents and share your ideas with others. Most importantly, don’t forget to stay passionate and motivated about your work, which can better achieve your goals and succeed.

Recommended Products

  • Author have an extremely rich and delicate spiritual world, so they often fall into contemplation, immersed in their own world.
  • Eiffel series 100 inch and Collector series 88 inch have a larger size, but also no lack of fine texture, can better carry the rich spiritual life of the writer's personality.

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