Design Contest Results Announced

Congratulations to following three customers for winning the contest! 

Here we post their proposals and design inspirations. Many Thanks for your hard work and excellent ideas!

@Guillermo Chapa III   

I need a TV Stand all metal, hight adjustable goal post style with integrated swivel sound bar, modern, minimalist, sleek on a flat base. It can display a flat screen of any size while offering advanced sound that also help to hide wires to provide a minimalist experience so not to distract from the viewing experience. I need it because it will solve a personal problem about where and how to mount a sound bar to make my tv louder for watching and listening to music.

@Josh Hodiny

I live in a rented apartment so my inspiration came from wanting a TV mount that doesn't require drilling into walls and can face any direction easily without having to worry about cables getting tangled. It was important to me for the TV mount to look like it could be a standalone furniture piece even without the TV. For the visual design, I drew inspiration from lipstick tubes that have a matte exterior with a chrome/metallic accent when the cap is removed. I also drew inspiration from the Alexa Echo and how its simple cylindrical shape can look modern and aesthetic.


@Buddy Stewart Basically it's a redesign of existing Fitueyes stands wit a redesigned wall fixture. Submitting a second time because I am uncertain about the success of the first submission. It functions as a corner wall mount with the floating look. Can also function as a wall/ceiling attachment. It will be the perfect application in my family room ant it would save floor space. Here I will elaborate how it works.

1. View of the three fitueyes exieting TV stand devices.

2. View of Assembled Unit Mounted on Wall Corner

3. View of design of corner wall brace

4. View of corner wall brace installed

5. View of Assembled Unit Mounted attached to the corner wall brace.

6. TV Installed on a wall corner.