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Technology brings the world you are looking forward to exploring so close in front of you. We are destined to have higher expectations for audio-visual equipment. These entertainment and office equipment that never appeared in history are integrating into our life and meeting the needs of more safety, comfort, convenience and fashion. This is the original intention of the birth of FITUEYES brand. The design gene of FITUEYES contains more rigorous ergonomics development principles, meets the personalized needs of different groups and the integration of fashion design elements, which makes f-eyes products widely praised after they are put on the global market.           


FITUEYES product line includes TV bracket, lift table, home workstation and audio-visual bracket. FITUEYES design team has been using "future scenarios" to define the design direction of products. In terms of structure and function, it strengthens the extensibility of use and compatibility of future audio-visual equipment for modern audio-visual and office electronic equipment. At the same time, the selection of materials and processing technology fully reflect the awareness of environmental protection, making FITUEYES products integrate with modern audio-visual space and office space.           


 FITUEYES professional production equipment to ensure the durability of products and convenient installation and maintenance. Through accurate material production planning, the products have high cost performance. FITUEYES has branches and storage bases in the United States,the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and other countries. The logistics distribution is fast and convenient, so it is favored by users all over the world.