Fitueyes Brand FAQ

Fitueyes Brand FAQ

What is the origin of the brand name?

  • FITUEYES was named by a staff several years ago, which can be split into three syllables: Fit Your eyes. We love this brand name, not only because it is catchy and easy to remember, but also it summarizes TV Stand features very well and conveys brand value appropriately.
Why Fitueyes choose TV Stand as main category?
  • Whether in the past or now, TV is one of the household appliances we use the most. It accompanies people like a real friend, bringing us lots of happiness. This phenomenon really leads to the increase of TV stands demands. However, many people may encounter some difficulties when installing a traditional TV stand in home, like they need to punch holes on the wall and take lots of efforts to move bulky equipment. In order to deal with these problems and offer people high-quality usage experience, Fitueyes decided to devote itself into develop and launch TV Stands with nice look and good functions. We really want to make changes in this market and service people in all over the world.

Are Fitueyes TV Stands original?

  • Fitueyes is a brand that attaches great importance to originality and innovation. Different from many other brands, every Fitueyes product is independently designed and developed by excellent design team. They take inspirations from life, collect market demands from customers, then give TV Stands nice appearance and outstanding functions. Usually, Fitueyes devotes more than 2000 hours for the whole process:from an idea to a finished product, which ensures high product quality and good customer using experience. Fitueyes is also concerned about the information gathered from after-sales, since they provide valuable references and suggestions for product future improvement. We continuously eliminate old style TV Stands and launch TV Stands with shiny look and good functions. Fitueyes reckons that only by realizing continuous improvements and innovation in both function and appearance, can our products be accepted by the market and gain reputation from worldwide customers.

What is Fitueyes Brand Mission?

  • Integrate artistic-designed TV stands into interior design and break trough the space limits by achieving TV Stand movement freedom, so as to create better space and help people realize a free lifestyle.

What efforts we devoted into brand building?

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