How to better manage power cords for your TV?

How to better manage power cords for your TV?

After buying electrical appliances, we all have a common problem: Although all kinds of electrical appliances are very convenient and necessary, each electrical appliance must be equipped with different wires. Sometimes when using a TV, there are several more power cords.

How to better manage power cords for your TV?

Common Solutions for cable management

The fact is that cable clutter is unsightly ! That tangled, writhing mess of cables, cords, and wires can quickly overwhelm your TV cabinet, conference room or anywhere you store or use gadgets, devices, machines space for machinery and hardware.

FITUEYES Innovate Solution

Most of the design of electrical accessories takes this problem into consideration. For example, the TV cabinets that we will use usually have a few holes on the wooden boards to pass through the wires. But, in my opinion, it's kind of ugly. This is one of the reasons why we need a floor TV stand.

Most of the design of our floor TV stand follows the form of leaving a few holes in the TV cabinet, but it can be seen that due to the structure and shape advantages of the floor TV stand, our floor TV stand has the pipe for the passage of wires. As for the problem of stability, we use stronger materials to solve it. This design better realizes the concealment of wires and got the function of wire management at the same time. Such a TV Stand is obviously more neat and beautiful when placed in the living room.

There are also some new changes. In the design of the new series Collector launched by FITUEYES recently, we can see that the designers have found a new way to realize the cable management function - Velcro. The main reason for this design is the reduction in the number of power cords that need to be connected when when modern TVs are used, so that we can store them in an easier and faster way.

When we want to push the TV away and let it be used in different places, the plugging position of the TV power cord will often change, so it is more practical to stick a few Velcro stickers that look very textured.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, regarding the arrangement of power cords, there may be more methods in the future, suitable for different environments. You are also welcome to submit your ideas to us.

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