Cable Management | 2M/6.5FT Φ32mm

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  • Convenient to Manage Cables: This cable management can be split and easy to load wires. After loading, the cable sleeve will close on itself and wrap around the wire perfectly. 
  • No more messy cables in your home or office : With this cable management, you can easily hide cables without craftsmen. This is also an ideal solution to keep your wires and cables in an organized manner while adding a professional look to your application.
  • Size reduction: This cable tidy has a diameter of 32 mm. With the cable cover, you can easily hide all your messy cables.
  • Easy to Cut: The 78FT cable sleeve can be easily cut to any desired length with scissors. It is recommended to melt the cutting position with fire after cutting to prevent fraying. Be simply cut with scissors to any length desired for your cable management project.
  • Protect Cables from Pets: Durable, flexible PVC material fully protect the cords from your pet. This cord protector keeps pest from chewing cables. 

  • Color: White
    TV VESA Chart - Eiffel Series 32-65 Inch

    Back Of TV VESA Range Image

    Floor TV Stand VESA 100MM-400MM

    TV VESA Chart

    TV VESA Supported(Width*Depth)
    100*100MM 100*200MM 100*300MM 100*400MM
    200*100MM 200*200MM 200*300MM 200*400MM
    300*100MM 300*200MM 300*300MM 300*400MM
    400*100MM 400*200MM 400*300MM 400*400MM



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